The International Consulting Business prides itself in consulting for the IP/TV Industry. Companies around the world are recognizing the power of Internet Protocol TV (IP/TV) for international media distribution. Interest in Roku Channel Creation and custom software creation with Roku integration is becoming more popular as people are "cutting the cord" and finding alternatives to tradition cable media providers.

The Roku platform is powerful and their position in the market is competitive. Roku has successfully released multiple iterations of their set-top boxes which quickly gained popularity, brand loyalty, and over-all satisfaction with the device. Part of consumers' satisfaction with the Roku device line is due to the media giants' software creation and support with user-friendly hardware. Consumers are also pleased with low cost of entry and the growing variety of software available for the Roku Devices.

Software comes in many forms, and The International Consulting Business specializes in advising those interested in cross-platform integration. Roku Channels are written in a Roku-Specific language called BrightScript, and this coding language which has been compared to Visual Basic, can be integrated with mobile devices and computer software. When it comes to pre-existing or planned integration software, The International Consulting Business can provide valuable advisement on Roku software design and creation through our network of expert designers and developers. The International Consulting Business makes Roku visions realities.