Contract Review

The International Consulting Business specializes in technical review, analysis, and contract revision. The International Consulting Business does not perform review of legal nature, and all contract revisisions conducted by the International Consulting Business should be reviewed by qualified attorneys.

The types of contracts typically reviewed by the International Consulting Business include, but are not limited to, the following: Product Contracts, Licensing, Warranties, Product Supply, One-Time Deployment Services, One-Time Training Services, Managed Services, Outsourced Services, Software Maintenance, with primary focus on contracts for the custom development (service) and supply of solutions/applications.

The International Consulting Business works to provide peace of mind for business professionals wishing to engage in contracts of a technical nature. We have never seen a contract which could not be revised to the benefit our clients. When it comes to the law, you trust your attorneys. When it comes to technology, we pride ourselves in truth, trust, and transparency.