We'll be honest. Everyone here is really lazy, and that's why we always find the easiest ways to get difficult jobs done.

There are no borders to the mind. At the International Consulting Business we don't always believe that two heads are better than one, and three heads are better than two, and so on. We understand that the law of diminishing returns might suggest that too large of a team would counteract progress, and we believe that when it comes to a saavy head and irresponsible head, one head might be better than two.


We believe that when you have the right people working together, brainstorming as a team can lead to understanding. Sourcing ideas from each other can lead to strategies that can allow a business to overcome or circumvent a setback or challenge. We think internationally. We are big thinkers. We work with our minds more than our hands, because let's face it, we are consultants.